Australia- Fashion Flash

Some interesting facts about Australian clothing fashion:

1. Leggings- Do NOT wear them unless you are going to the gym or wearing them underneath something else ( a long shirt, shorts, or skirt). They are crudely referred to as “mumblers” in Australia.  I am not going to explain why they are called mumblers as it would make my family members who follow this blog blush and probably result in getting my blog flagged as “mature.”  What I will say, for those who are curious, is that the word refers to certain movements that can be seen in a woman’s nether regions.

2. Rain boots- Leave them at home (as in America).  Although the flashy colors and cutely-printed rubber rain boots are all the fashion right now in America, Australia’s fashion scene has yet to pick it up.  Rubber rain boots are just seen as something worn by children, if worn at all.  This is not to say that no one wears rain boots in Australia though.  I bumped into one Australian girl today who was wearing a very subtle black pair but she was the only person I have seen with boots since I have been here.

3. Men’s pants- are TIGHT.  One thing Australia picked up from their British ancestors is their sense of fashion.  Where American men’s shorts are baggy and easily reach past their knees, Australian men’s shorts don’t leave much for the imagination- the article of clothing really does live up to its name.    Unless you are watching cricket, where men are fully clothed from feet to neck to wrists, you might need to invest in a pair of sunglasses.  Those blinding flashes of white coming from the sports field aren’t from the sun but from pasty white, hairy male legs.  And pants, well, despite the fact that they cover up more skin they are just as revealing, if not more so, then Australian sports shorts.

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