Australia- The Internet Diet

American Internet junkies beware!  The limitless WiFi of America is something Melbourne has yet to pick up on.  I did not realize just how much time I spend on the internet until I came here.  The University of Melbourne even surprised me because despite it’s rank of the number one university in Australia it not only has very spotty wireless but there is a limit to it!  We get one gigabyte a week- which for international students who use skype to contact their families runs out before the week is through.  Used to getting free wifi while standing in line Starbucks?  Get unused to it.  There are very few, if any at all, places that have free wifi.  So just a heads up to mentally prepare yourself before you leave.  And so that you can download pictures and videos before packing or you’ll be paying for every gigabyte while your are here!  Besides the internet limit wifi, in general, is just spotty and hard to find.  American college students, start getting used to the idea of being plugged into a wall at all times while working.  You’re new best friend: the Ethernet cable.

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