My Outback Love

He is tall and very handsome with sleek glistening muscles.  He is also so very sweet and joined me on a lunch date twice under the bright outback afternoon sun.  He is so affectionate and constantly showered me with kisses whenever I was near him.  He has the cutest personality: the perfect mix of confidence and cheeky curiosity.  He might be a bit young, he is only four years old, but Kadaycha already has the makings of an amazing horse and I fell completely in love with him.  Besides his sleek shiny black coat and the white star on his forehead he is by far the most affectionate horse I have ever met.  When I had to walk from the city to a property where we were keeping some of the horses after the truck broke down I brought my lunch with me to eat by the horses.  I decided to eat in the paddock with them so I could be closer to them and enjoy their company.  Upon seeing me Kadaycha came over and starting curiously nosing me and my chicken sandwich.  He was so curious that I finally broke off a piece of my sandwich bread and gave it to him.  He showed his enthusiasm for the bread by violently throwing his head back and forth and showing me his teeth.  I laughed and gave him a bit more and he ended up gratefully licking my hand and face like a little puppy dog.  When I finally stood up he gently placed his face on my shoulder as I brushed his silky neck.

I have always wanted a black horse with a star on his forehead that was a sweetheart so that I could name him Casanova.  Unfortunately this horse already had a name and an owner but I realized that he was exactly the kind of horse I have always dreamed of having!

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