A Walk on the Wild Side

Today was my second day in Sydney.  I had been told about the coastal walk, a scenic two hour walk along the coast from Bondi Beach to Cogee Beach, and decided that with the beautiful weather today would be the day to do the walk.  I had a late start and ended up finally getting off the bus at Bondi Beach at about 2:30pm.  On the bus I met some uni students from Melbourne who were also on their way to Bondi Beach.  As we got off the bus together the girls started squealing and getting really anxious to head directly to the beach itself.  I didn’t understand the almost Justin Bieber-fan type of excitement emanating from the girls but I brushed it off and continued talking to one of their friends.  It was then that she asked me if I had ever seen the Australian TV show Bondi Rescue.  I had never heard of it and the girls just looked at me like I was some poor deprived child.  They explained that Bondi Rescue is a reality TV show based on the lifeguards at Bondi beach and that these lifeguards just happen to be extremely good looking.  So the gaggle of drooling girls went off to the main lifeguard tower, obviously featured a lot in the show, to undoubtedly stalk some unassuming lifeguard.

If you’re curious about those infamous Bondi Boys:

Unfazed by the fact that I was apparently at famous TV show location, I was to enjoy and fully take in the breath taking scenery.  Today was my definition of a beautiful, peaceful and generally perfect day.  I was travelling by myself (which I do not normally prefer), the weather was beautifully perfect; it was sunny with not a cloud in the sky, my camera and iPod were both fully charged and the landscape was so amazing I could not take my eyes off of it.  I felt so totally at peace with myself.  I put my iPod and listened to all the music I had deprived myself of when I was in the outback in the hopes of conserving my battery power.  Some of the music seemed to match the scenery so well like Coldplay’s Paradise which I must have played on repeat about ten times.  The walk accompanied by the beautiful ocean breeze was deeply  rejuvenating after being trapped so deep inland for the past three weeks.


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