The Unofficial Australian National Anthem

During one of my first weeks in Australia we were at an orientation party held by our residential college when a song came on that had everyone on their feet singing along.  Megan and I stood there surprised and confused for a second.  I thought that it was maybe a new song that I had somehow missed but she said she had never heard of it before.  It seemed that everyone else in the room not only knew the song but knew every single word in it.  In the chorus of the song there is a very catchy repeated “oh oh ohhhhhoh.”  By the end of the song Megan and I had at least gotten that part down.  We asked for the name of the song and was met with an astonished stare before getting our answer: You’re the Voice.  Apparently everyone in Australia knows and loves the song so much so that there was a movement to make it the official national anthem of Australia.  It didn’t pass but it goes to show just how much Australians love it.  I still haven’t learned all the lyrics but at least I recognize it now and smile because it reminds me of the country I miss so much.


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