The Best Part of Waking Up

No, its not Folgers in my cup.  It’s Melbourne Breakfast tea.  I might not be in Melbourne anymore but at least I have something with Melbourne’s name on it that I get to drink every morning while I wish I was back in Australia.  Too bad my tea mug isn’t a magic lamp or that wishing would actually be useful.

A good friend of mine let me in on his secret tea blend right before I left and I knew I had to bring some home with me.  Well its not exactly a secret blend, any T2 store in Melbourne carries it, but unless your a tea-holic you won’t know about the blend.  So I’m just putting it out there for any fellow Melbourne fanatics that are only leaving  because their visa is expiring, go to T2 and for $25 get yourself a box.  It will alleviate some of the more severe symptoms of the Melbourne blues after you have left.


One response to “The Best Part of Waking Up

  • Travel by Ferry

    Melbourne is really nice place to travel in Australia because it has many tourist spots such as Geelong, Great Ocean Road, Mornington Peninsula and many more where travelers can reach by ferry from different coasts of Melbourne and enjoy their weekend.

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