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Why Are You Going to Adelaide?

The week before leaving on a four day weekend trip to Adelaide people kept asking me “Why are you going to Adelaide?” as if it were hole out in the middle of no where.  With the amount of people making this comment I was starting to worry I was wasting my money. Especially when I was asked to do an extra security screening at the airport and the security guy conversationally asked me where I was going.  When I told him he scrunched up his face, laughed and said “Adelaide?  What are you going to do in Adelaide?” I wanted to ask him if he was serious.  When I met up with Megan at the end of security line I relayed what the security man had said and started to wonder if there was some infectious disease across Adelaide that had left it a barren waste land of nothingness.  Why else would everyone be asking us the same bewildered question?

When I arrived in Adelaide it did not take long to understand the reason for the relentless question.  Adelaide city itself is fairly small, at least compared to Melbourne, and quiet.  There is not much to do and as far as I could tell the night life was lacking.  But even though it was quiet city it was still charming.  The amount of old Gothic cathedrals were astounding and could entertain an architecture junkie or photography fanatic for hours.  The fresh food market itself kept Megan and I entertained for hours!

It might not be the most bustling city in Australia but if you have  few days to spare I think its worth the trip.  Its charm won’t be lost on you.  The only thing I caution is not to book for your stay for too long.  On the fourth day I was itching to return to my beloved busy Melbourne.

The highlights of my trip were:

A half day trip to Sterling.  I hopped on the public bus and took a thirty minute ride outside the city to a small town called Stirling which held Sunday markets.  I love little markets like this and it was nice to see families conversing with each other one eye on their children the other on their dogs.  It reminded me very much of being home.  They sold everything at this market from art and clothes to food and special honey (I tried a concoction of Vanilla bean creamed honey.  It was fabulous!) I also treated myself to amethyst tear drop earrings as a little reminder of my Australia trip when I return home.

Another half day trip to Hahndorf, a small but famous German style town outside of the city. This place was adorable!  I felt like I had magically appeared in Germany somehow.  All the the little shops with their thatched roofs and welcoming open doors poured German music and aromas out onto the sidewalk to lure you in for a quick look around.