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I’m in Paradise

As a horse lover I have always wanted to live in a house where I could look out my window and see horses grazing calmly in my backyard.  Since Saturday I have been in Gatton, a town about an hour outside of Brisbane in Queensland, visiting a good friend from high school.  She happens to have a cute house five minutes from her university campus.  This house happens to also have three gorgeous horses in its backyard: Charlie, Henry and MB.  Charlie is my friend’s handsome Palomino horse who acts like marshmallow despite his huge size.  In the past couple days if we weren’t riding we were lounging in the living room watching the horses in the paddock.  And when ever we felt like riding we just walk outside, put on our boots and grab the horses!  Yesterday Claire and I went on a wonderful trail ride which ended in a huge field.  Charlie and I took of flying across the field; at one point it felt like his feet weren’t even touching the floor.  Today Claire and I had a lesson in the backyard.  I am in horse heaven!!