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Melbourne’s Wild Parrots

I never fancied myself as much of a bird enthusiast but I seem to have a certain fascination for Melbourne’s feathered population.  When we first arrived in Melbourne I had heard a few of my friends mention that they had seen birds that looked like parrots flying around the city; as I had not seen any myself I did not think much of these claims.  It was not until the beginning of this week, as the weather has become colder that I have seen not one, not two, but flocks of these gorgeously colored birds.  I have never seen such colorful birds in the wild, especially in a bustling city like Melbourne.  But here they are fluttering about the tree tops with a unique but lovely sounding  bird song.  I was walked very slowly to class yesterday with my head tipped back reveling in all their colors.  They are actually quite cute too.  They are not too big to be intimidating and not too small that they are hard to spot; they are probably a little bit smaller than your average pigeon with the most vibrant of blues helmeting their heads, their bodies a splendid variety of sunshine yellow and a deep tropical green.  Some of them have slashes of red and orange thrown in as well.  I am not too sure about the habits of these birds but if you happen to find your self in Melbourne in May make sure to look up once in a while.  If nothing else the small, energetic birds will put a small smile on your face.

This photo is from White Forge Photos’ Blog: http://whiteforgephotos.blogspot.com.au/2009/06/parrots-of-colour.html.  I do not take credit for their photography, this photo is not my own!  I am simply sharing.